Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Easy easy lamb tagine, based on Margaret Fulton's recipe in the Woolworth's catalogue .

Now this is easy, easy, just bung it all in the slow cooker.

I doubled everything except the spice, water and the meat, in fact I only used 4 lamb chops because that was the amount the happened to be in the frozen brick I lifted out of the freezer last night.

I didn't double the spices because I wanted it to be mild for the kids and glad I didn't because it was just right for me too.

Great for a cold night so if you're in the Northern Hempishphere at 0 degrees (or less) or in Southern Australia suffering the unseasonably cool temperature of 24 this week then get cooking!


  1. THANK YOU Jane - my kind of cooking :o)

  2. Made this recipe couple years ago and lost it. Everyone loved it. So glad I found it again. This time I'm going to make it with Lamb neck. Usually a very tasty cut but needs longer cooking time


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