Saturday, November 11, 2017

What's your Favourite Colour? Scrap Matrix Challenge Watercolours and Words

I was inspired by the previous months Scrap Matrix rainbow mood board colours and it reminded me of some journalling I had done about our fav colours back in 2005 that i still hadn't scrapped. So when the month rolled by and i had missed the last challenge and there was a new one Water colours and words i knew what i could do.
I found a photo from the same era and started experimenting with watercolors and bubble wrap. The result looked too intense so when it was dry I spread  Dina Wakely Gesso randomly over the background to calm it down a bit. Then I used acrylic paint to paint over the top of some old letters to make a new  rainbow title. Then I used a piece of rainbow vellum to punch hearts and sewed them to the lo with embroidery thread. So 12 years later this lo is finally done, thanks for the inspiration.

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