Friday, December 2, 2011

Spanish day

Of the 700 children dressed up for Spanish day at school today there were 699 matadors, men with moustaches, flamenco dancers and one bull, my dear son. After DH kindly (in his absence) donated 2 tee shirts towards the costume we made a masterpiece of fabric, paper and cardboard engineering that my Nana would have been proud of. The inserts from the inner of a roll of wrapping paper became the banderillas mounted into cardboard sandwich which was then itself sandwiched and sewn into the space between the blood splot  and the base tee shirt.
Teamed with a pencil crayoned mask he made a very fetching bull and being suitably shocking has been approached by PETA for their latest anti bullfighting campaign.
Oh and yes he was awarded best dressed of his class too!


  1. Great costume and well done to your DS for the stitching on of the blood

  2. You are both superstars! Brilliant costume and a VERY well deserved win!

  3. Well done this looks like the work of many a person of years of stitching experience. Brilliant!!

  4. I have not got the hang of this commenting signing in Dave N


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