Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Recipe

First of all before you look at my Lo and think ooh aahh oooh I must confess to having shamelessly scrap lifted my good friend JimJams's lo here. Her's was so good I copied almost everything! (I have asked permission so that makes it ok. 

I also added a few zigzag mini books in the wreath to squeeze in several extra photos as there were LOTS i wanted to include. Insted of making my own flowers I cut them from a poinsettia patterned paper from my CFK, seems too good to be true, but it was!

My version of the recipe reads as follows

Instructions for a new Australian Christmas Recipe
Deny Christmas is actually going to happen due to “unseasonal” warm weather until 14th of December; by which time you will have missed all posting dates for cards & gifts to the UK. 

* In an attempt to “Get in the Christmas Mood” ban all persons from saying “It doesn’t feel like Christmas, it’s just too hot” Unpack artificial tree, add a sprinkle of bright lights, & just the red, silver & white decorations. Wrap with tinsel until festive & position large black & white cat underneath. 

* Launch into Christmas gift tag & ribbon bow making from recycled paper & bake gingerbread house. 

* Visit Lobethal on a cool (20°) rainy evening & in the dark watch the “Live Nativity” taking care not to get munched on by the camels, donkeys or sheep. Enjoy carols sung by the angelic sounding Nativity choir. Follow this by making ooh/ahh noises at the Christmas lights on decorated houses before returning to the Martin household to enjoy the tremendous thunderstorm & lightning. 

* Delegate all Christmas food shopping & baking to a very good friend. 

* Deliver hampers of food stuffs to the needy. 

*Enjoy James Morrison in concert at Edge church for jazzed up carol service. 

* Purchase secret chair for husband hide it in shower & enlist children’s help to avoid detection & prepare treasure hunt. * This should take you until Christmas eve. 

*Enlist family’s help to produce near life size star made from recycled book & administer first aid for burns & staple injuries, deliver to church.

* Pack warm coats, hats & gloves in the car together with your bikini. 

* Go final Christmas shopping half an hour before the shops shut in deserted mall. 

* Go ice skating (0°) followed by a dip in the pool & a BBQ (39°). * Stuff one stocking per person. 

* Distribute gifts & cut away wrappings 

* Go to church for more carols & to worship the Lord Jesus 

* Release clues to treasure hunts. 

* Enjoy the sunshine & surf on the beach. 

* Pull crackers, inserting heads into paper hats, & split sides at enclosed jokes. Coat turkey & trimmings with mouth, chewing well. Repeat several times until full to burst then add profiterole pyramid. Lubricate with sherry & add; champagne until vision blurs, then snooze through film. 

* Add new family game Creationary & build a goldfish from Lego. 

* Blend Christmas spirits in with visitors in & visits out, filling days with goodwill. Serve everything with God’s Blessings, sprinkled liberally with good cheer. 

* Suggested accompaniments: close family & fine friends. (Sprouts optional)

Thanks for looking and thanks to Jim Jams and Counterfeit Kit for the inspiration.

 Details of Gingerbread house making


  1. I love the way you've included the extra photos Jane and it has to be said that you are a master counterfeiter because you've not only counterfeited a kit, but a page as well!!! Love your take on my page :o)

  2. I love love love your Christmas Recipe and the last two words put the icing on the cake for me.

  3. What a great take on Jemma's page - I love that you used so many photos and your recipe is fantastic!

  4. This is fab! I love the way you have included extra photos and it definitely made me smile. Oh and sprouts are certainly NOT optional round here LOL! Great job. Well done on getting right on with using your kit!

  5. Absolutely love the wreath idea!

  6. Aw, so great with the wreath!!! Love!

  7. WOW! I love all the photos and really like how you added all the extra ones! Mine kind of page!

  8. Gorgeous LO, very clever!!!

  9. This is a very fun idea - what a recipe!


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