Friday, June 22, 2012

Share nicely or swap it

I used to have to tell my toddlers to "share nicely" all the time. I'd now like to "share" what  happens when you do.
Here is the lovely kit made by Scrappy Sue which she gave me when I shared my June Counterfeit kit with her.
There were lots of lovely scraps (she puts much bigger pieces in her scrap pile than i do!) and it was such fun to play with some new (to me papers)


  1. What a great kit! Lots of lovely blues...which I don't have much of in my stash....I'm realizing. For some reason, I have more teals but I need more blue blues. LOL Enjoy!

  2. What fun stuff - love the colors and patterns and bits and bobs too.

  3. Have fun playing with all your new goodies :0)

  4. Lovely kit....what a friend for sharing with you!!!


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