Thursday, September 20, 2012

Everything else on the list - scavenger hunt round up

So here we have it, One giant post of everything else on the Scavenger Hunt List. 
Are you sitting comfortably? then we'll begin.

My son's favourite shop in Adelaide, where he was able to test drive a $105,000 grand piano, thank goodness he didn't break it eek. Sadly the shop has gone just into receivership which means there is currently 40% of said piano... the answer is still no 
(in other news this weekend he took and passed Grade One Piano Yay)

A very ordinary picture train snapped from the car window on my phone on the way to the piano exam, but a train nevertheless.

and the train just in case photo oh how I wish I had dusted it before I took the photo (shame on me!)

One of the churches we attend with a great message

A horse (or 2) at the farm we look after from time to time which we did for a week during the time period of the hunt

A colour coordinated washing line

The library my children treat as home from home

A swing and son hanging from a tree

The outdoor stair way where hubbie and I go for our walk to get some fresh air and check that the sea is still there.

Although I photograph weddings professionally and have several thousand shots I could choose from I thought it a little rude perhaps? to use one of "my brides" so here's one of "someone else's" bride we spotted on a day out in the middle of Adelaide's North Terrace

A Trail through rain forest in Queensland on Tambourine Mountain

A movie poster IceAge 4D at Movie World in Queensland the 4D aspect involved being hurled around in the seats and sprayed with Dino snot, which I hope was water? it clearly wasn't genuine Dino snot, I can spot that stuff a mile off.

 Someone (daughter) dancing and me experimenting with a very slow shutter speed at a home disco

Me with something to represent my nation ... but which nation, British or Australian?
There is a long standing argument between us Poms in Oz and the Aussies as to which is tastiest Marmite or Vegemite.
Having been brought up with Marmite it wins hands down for me; I'm trying to go the Aussie way to adapt and embrace my new home country, after all in a year I will become an Australian Citizen so long as I can learn the words to Waltzing Matilda.

Thanks for setting the hunt Rhinda I have so enjoyed playing, using the opportunity to look around me, see things somewhat differently to usual and to record some aspects of our life we would have otherwise missed. To boot I have some photos of my family I love and from now on will get my "big" camera out more often for my family, and not just for clients. Looking forward to next year already!


  1. Yea! Such a great post. Love the family shot and the last one of you. The Brio train brings back such happy memories and I'm amazed by how many brides were "found" along the way. But my favorite is the one of your son on the swing.

  2. Which I can't see for some reason ... nor the outdoor staircase ... but then I can't actually see you with something symbolising your nation either!!!
    Love the 4 of you - that's a 4-ID shot!

  3. What a wonderful set of photographs for the scavenger hunt. I love the black and white shot of your friends' farm, just gorgeous. It was fun to share this Hunt with people from all over the world, small glimpses into other lives.

  4. Lovely to see all your photos and a great subject choice for the symbol of your nation!!

  5. i enjoyed looking at your 'life through the lens'; scavenger hunts are a good idea. some really great pics

  6. British marmite wins hands down over here in NZ. My kids do not know that Kiwi Marmite exsists and my Kiwi husband has been converted as nothing else is allowed in the house. Regardless of the passport (it is still british even after 15 yrs here!) There is no substitute for the real thing, at least we don't run out of it! Great pictures love the staircase, so inviting


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