Monday, October 14, 2013

A moment in Time

Ok so I have not been a good blogger being absent from the blogosphere for over a year, however in that time I have managed to locate, buy and renovate a house. I have been hard pressed to find time to play along with Counterfeit Kits challenges and UKs challenges. I have managed from time to time but when I did I had no time at all to blog about it. I was just happy that I had enough time to scrap or play with my camera.
Last weekend my UKS friends all went to a retreat; being in Australia I wasn’t able to attend. Mary was kind enough to post me her sketch challenge which I mixed with the CFK jewellery challenge and have just completed.

I love to feature ephemera on my los and before the house move had a major sort out and placed all the ephemera I had saved over the years into envelopes in year order. I also wrote a list of the stories I wanted to tell using the ephemera. In October I have had a slightly different approach to making my CFK in that my friend Scrappy Sue came over a couple of weeks ago with a stack of papers she was disposing of, mostly old free papers from magazines. My kit this month is that pile of papers together with a box of bits and bobs I haven’t found time to pack away properly in my new craft studio and a happymail gift from my Sweet Marie in Canada which arrived this month.

It was simple once I had decided to tell the story about my watch to find the receipt, jeweller’s business card and very out of date warrantee card that I had saved in 1998 before I had even heard of scrap booking! 

Hidden journalling

Now whenever there’s a challenge I can check my note book and hopefully there will be some story just waiting to be scrapped and I’ll be on my way...

.Do you like to use ephemera on your los? If so how do you organise it? 


  1. Great page love how the circles mimic the watch and what a super way to tell the story, love all the ephemera, wish I was so well organised as yes I do love to use it but can never find the exact things I need so go with bits and bobs that probably don't actually fit the photo,

  2. Love how the story is the focus of your layout. Great layout!

  3. Ephemera from 1998 that has survived not only several house moves but an emigration???? WOW!
    Love the page - great collection of shapes patterns and interesting "bits" like the sewn on safety pin. The blinged up paper is fab too!

  4. This is incredibly amazing - so much that is meaningful on here. I want to do an Alice in Wonderland & shrink so I can wander around your page!

  5. All those bits and pieces - wow! Such a cute page.

  6. awesome and sooooo creative! I would use ephemera on my layouts IF I had saved some...


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