Sunday, August 7, 2011

plastic play house hell

I wrote this poem while trapped in a plastic play house with my son who was as the time going through a horrid fighty stage .I spent the whole time on pins waiting for him to be involved in some sort of trouble. The place we went to was crowded and very noisy i had a most unpleasant afternoon.
A couple of years later a new place opened a similar concept but huge with light and airy spaces and the parents cafe was a far enough distance that i couldn't hear the kids ye;lling. Furthermore my son had grown out of the fighty stage and when a grown up said those dreaded words..."is THAT your child?" I was delighted to hear her then go on to ask if she could buy him some sweets for looking after her small child and helping him through the play area :) 
Even better the cafe was clean and spacious enough that i could take a scrap kit and do a lo while the kids played. Happy days! :)

I made the metal embellishments by using the reverse of an old fashioned c.2005 ;-) ribbon belt type embellishment with a pirate sticker. i also dressed up and old tag with a similar sticker and the metal heart too. I stuck on the reciept for that rotten day and made the tilte and sub heading in photoshop to match the cloth sticker also dated around 2005! Under the and boysd fight bit is the good news story i have just related. 
thanks for looking.


  1. Love your home-made title blocks - very graphic! Fab page to go with a funny poem!

  2. Love the page and the message is just waht i thinks crapping should be about - recording memories

  3. Love the poem and super boyish emblies


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