Saturday, May 12, 2012

A new Leaf...

The photos I took recently on our local  beach  as featured in the "Limpets for lunch" post earlier this month were what I used to showcase my daughter's decision to turn over a new leaf and to smarten up both herself and her room, and to keep both tidy!

The papers were from my secret santa 2010 which arrived from the UK in Australia in 2012 (thanks Zahra) and the frame around the whole page was left over from a paper that Tracie Doodle used when we were on retreat together about 4 years ago around 12,000 miles away from here.

Inspired by the counterfeit kit tutorials to make home made washi tape I did just that with regular sticky tape and a magazine. I stuck tape over the pages of an advertisement for the “Be Natural” range and how perfect  (I can't paste the image here but go take a look)

Just the right Autumnal colours to go with the photos and a whole lot of encouraging messages. For daughter with her new leaf turned over. Awesome, thanks CFK for the inspiration and to Kellogs too!

The cocktail sticks were my new (we met at the retreat last week) friend Sue's and the bling was Tammy's (who I met at the retreat last year and again this year), all in all I didn't contribute much to the cost of this page at all!

I made additional washi tape the same way using a magazine images of some handmade jewellery which I turned into the flags on my lo (let’s face it if the room stays tidy it’s worth getting the flags out!). After putting the tape on top of the magazine page dunk the page and tape in the sink full of water and rub the paper off the back, what you get left with is slightly sticky translucent FREE washi tape smiles all round here!

I used the remains of a sheet of basic grey letters using the outline for the "e" and the "a" as recommended by Jim Jams as there were none left. Here's hoping the new leaf stays over; and as far as the lo goes, I'm not a complete cheapskate,  I did actually buy the leaf myself!


  1. Wow super page super savings super counterfeiting. well done you. I going to try washi take like that and what a great advert to use.

  2. Gorgeous Jane. I love the tape- what a perfect source to use. A looks so like Akira in those pics!

  3. Brilliant Jane - a lovely set of photos, a great resolution for A, and a super interesting page. Love both your washi tapes, especially the little flaglets and fantastic left over alpha use - thanks for taking part in my INSD challenge!

  4. printed tape is brilliant and well done to hoard that edging all that time and a through thousands of miles of house move!

  5. Love your homemade washi tape and how you've made the little banners, just lovely! x

  6. Wow, great page - and that tape is brilliant. Yes, brilliant, I say!

  7. Love your homemade washi tape. This LO is awesome!!!

  8. This turned out so cool, and I love the photos too!!! Brilliant page!!! xoxo


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