Thursday, May 17, 2012

Organisation in my scrapping world

There's lots of good things about getting together with scrapping buddies but I took 2 new organisation ideas from ladies at last weekends crop.

First I went to cheap as chips and bought 10 A4 plastic paper boxes and a zip up file.

I  mounted all my wooden stamps on ezy moun,t stamped an image on the front and back of a piece of plain paper and laminated it.

Then I stuck said stamps onto one side and placed in a plastic pocket in the file. So one one side i can see the stamp and the other side what the image is that it makes.

Then I got inventive all by myself and using funky duck tape (careful how you say that) made pockets from some left over vinyl we used to replace the headlining in our old car to store my acrylic blocks in on the inside cover of my file.

I also covered the outside of the file with vinyl and shiny metal tape to cover up the impossible to remove Cheap as Chips stickers.

Et voila beautiful and mobile easy to find stamping solution.

Meanwhile I placed all foam stamps in the plastic box files and as they're thin the stamps just fit won't move and I can see what they are from the outside.

On somewhat of a roll I made boxes for alphas and stickers etc.

When I remember my organizational theory at age 14 which was. "I know where everything is, it's all on the floor"  I think I have come on a long way. If only I'd listened and taken to heart what my Nana had said way back then. "A place for everything and everything in its place."

She was right, of course.


  1. Fab work Jane - this is still one of my NY resolutions to do though I was thinking A5 rather than A4 zip file ... yet to actually buy one though.

  2. Brilliant Jane, I've done something similar but yours is much better because of the zip and the acrylic block holders

  3. A brilliant idea :0) I store all my clear stamps in D ring folders - I have laminated the image sheet and the stamps happily cling to the laminate.......but my wooden have got me thinking now!!!

  4. I bet it feels good to get everything in its place. Thanks for sharing, perhaps it will motivate me to get more of my stamps stored properly.

  5. Wonderful tips! My daugter loves duck tape and has an enormous collection! She would whole heartedly love your creative use of it here!

  6. now, if I had a lot of stamps I would certainly be taking your ideas here! looks great. I particularly like the storage for the foam stamps - I might pick up that idea!

  7. Very organized! Thanks for sharing!


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