Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Historic Landmark (it's the building not hubbie)

The Victory Hotel was opened in 1858 when it was named the Sellicks Hill Hotel. In 1859 it was known as Norman's Victory in honour of John Norman, Chairman of the Aldinga District Council, who had fought a long battle with the Central Road Board to have the Sellicks Hill Road constructed.

However I thought The Victory Hotel which we drive past every day needed a little window dressing; cue hot hubbie...



  1. Oh my, he is a cutie! I hope you don't mind me giving you a shout out today.

  2. The window dressing definately improves the look of the hotel!!

  3. LOL!! I suspect someones ego may inflate at all the attention!! That said, he does look very cool!! TFS :D

  4. That's a HOT-el too!
    DH does indeed look very cool in that shot :o)

  5. Loved your blog post title lol! Well done on another find and great photo too :)


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