Wednesday, September 19, 2012

We found a fountain (well 3 actually)

Found Fountain x 3
I thought finding a fountain would be tricky we could only think of one in Adelaide city centre and I didn't fancy an hours drive into Adelaide just for the photo. However while on holiday on the Gold Coast we saw this at Harbour Town whipped out the phone and ticked our first find off the list only to then find...

A FUN Fountain with on and off jets at Marine World which we chased each other around until we all got wet and then.....

...  in August we went to Adelaide to show our Japanese exchange student "Kitchi" the city and saw the FOUNTAIN WE FIRST THOUGHT OF. I got  Kitchi to photograph me and the love of my life here. It was a real challenge to explain through the English Japanese language language barrier what I wanted him to do but, with sign language and several attempts he did a super job.


  1. LOL - great post - great shot by Kitchi too - but why are you two trying to get at that weird drinking fountain at the same time?! You should take turns ;o)

  2. That last photo turned out great! Actually, they all did.

  3. Love it especially the last one kissing the fountain wonderful


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